• 420 NYC


      These brands fuel the sparkle that ignites our community.
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      Bowery Cannabis Club

      The Bowery Cannabis Club exists to connect, educate, and serve the international community that is awakening to the healing power of cannabis. BCC hosts events and workshops that inspire connection and discussion. BCC also provides premium products, at special prices for members.


      Etain’s mission is to improve the quality of life for patients in New York State by providing access to the highest quality, pharmaceutical-grade medical marijuana treatments available.


      Weedmaps is the largest listing services for dispensaries, doctors, and deliveries. Their website gives over 8 million monthly visitors the ability to review and discuss these services while building a sense of community through forums and social networking. They just opened up an office in NYC and will be hosting quality cannabis events on the East Coast!! Sign up here to get invited and for a chance to win your choice of anything (anything!) in the Weedmaps store.


      Awarded the “Best Overall Vaporizer” by Gizmodo, the Firefly2 dynamic convection vaporizer is known for delivering the smoothest, most flavorful vapor. This breath-responsive device only heats while you inhale so you capture all the active ingredients in the plant the moment they are released. The result is a clean, tasty, and effective vapor. Portable and customizable, Firefly2 is perfect for vaping at home, with friends, or on-the-go!

    • Special Thanks

      I am super grateful to the ladies behind the following services.

      I have collaborated closely with them and think highly of their work and integrity.

      High Growth NYC

      High Growth NYC helps early stage cannabis startups establish their online presence and develop a digital strategy, and works with mid-to-large size companies to develop brand engagement strategies.


      GVM Communications

      Public Relations and Brand Development Consulting Firm serving Corporations, Non-Profits, Entrepreneurs, Cannapreneurs, Speakers & Authors.



      Every month you'll receive 1-3 smoking accessories -- glassware, vaporizers, papers, wraps, grinders and other wonderful things that our Procurement Team discovers.


    • Sweets!

      We're stocking this party full of healthy(ish) munchies by these fabulous chefs.

      Saki Fenderson

      Of Tainted Love Brooklyn

      Saki is a cannabis advocate with a passion for good food + exceptional ingredients. She will be creating decedent raw cookies for people with & without allergies to wheat, gluten, eggs, & dairy.

      Jyl Ferris

      Of Cooking for Bachelors

      Jyl became famous for her cooking through Cooking for Bachelors, a TV program for millennial men. She will be providing one of our favorite cannabis comfort foods: Rice Crispy Treats :)

    • Food

      Because there's a good chance you're going to get hungry.

      Beyond Sushi

      Chef Guy and his culinary team fuse unconventional pairings of fruit and vegetables with whole grains to create an assortment of distinctive sushi rolls and other nutritional staples

    • Engagement

      This is a special event.

      You have this invite because either Melissa, or someone who knows Melissa, thinks you are an awesome addition.

      Dress up! Whatever that means to you -- glitter ball gown, blazer + jeans, shark onsie, all work.

      Invite only people you trust completely.

      Be thoughtful about your consumption. Pair alcohol with water.

      Please ask permission before including others in your photos.

      Post to social media discreetly: #420nyc.