• A note of gratitude

      thank you for supporting me and our community

      Dear friends,


      Your ticket fee is like a mini-sponsorship, or a huge high-five, to say "hey, I believe in you, you're up to good things, I trust your progress and want to support your path." Then I give you an awesome party to celebrate :)


      If you feel like you have created value in my universe that I have not properly sent gratitude for -- for example, if you're a longtime drug policy advocate who has helped to shape the legal and cultural shifts that make our industry possible, please reach out using the contact form below. You will be accommodated.


      If you want to support me by working the party (a great way to engage in the event) use the contact form below and add one sentence on why you'd like to volunteer.


      If you want to contribute, but $120 is just too much, my abundant friends have offered to subsidize tickets. Use the form below to name your own price ($1 - $119) and tell me how you'll pay the difference forward in the universe.


      You can use the same contact form (or text me) if you want to offer to subsidize tickets for friends.


      With love and gratitude,